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 ..the 'band'...

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..the 'band'... Empty
PostSubject: ..the 'band'...   ..the 'band'... EmptyTue Jan 06, 2009 12:59 am

..in the recordings is all me. Some people seem to be unsure of this so I am just clarifying.

I have a small midi drum kit for the drums, a pickup on my guitar that allows me to play keyboard and synth parts and of course the guitars, a mandolin and a bass; I am really a guitar player. Obviously I am doing all the singing as well.

I did have some offers from musicians to add parts but since I couldn't muster up enough to play all the parts I decided to do them all my self as a novelty and because I enjoy the variety of playing the different instruments.

I'm not a great organizer of people and through my few efforts to get a project off the ground I realized that it would probably be quicker to keep working on the songs myself than wait for others to be free and interested; I enjoy writing and playing music, not organizing a band.

A good band is something that it seems destiny takes care of....but that is another topic....
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..the 'band'...
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